Home Office Plans

Computers & Accessories

Provide support for your computer and accessories that work in conjunction with your PC. This service covers such add-ons as keyboards, printers, scanners, and more.

Home Networks

Setup, install, and maintain your home office network with the assistance of our tech support experts. Establish your firewall and add other home office devices to your network.


GADDIS Group can assist you with installation and operation of some of the most popular and widely used software products on your PC. Setup and troubleshoot programs with the assistance of GADDIS Group.


Clean up your PC and protect it from harmful spyware, viruses, and other threats. GADDIS Group can help you keep your computer free of potentially damaging elements.

Smartphone & Tablet

GADDIS Group can assist you with understanding the operation, and management functions on your smartphone and tablet. Learn how to use apps, sync your data, set up email, use Wi-Fi and more.

Modems, Routers & VoIP

Get your modem, routers, VoIP running properly with the tech support from GADDIS Group. Configure your settings, fix any issues you may have, and more.

Televisions, DVRs, & Audio Devices

Manage your DVR settings, learn how to configure your TV settings, get your tech issues solved, and much more with the help of GADDIS Group.

iPod & MP3 Players

GADDIS Group can assist you with learning how to transfer your music, manage your mp3 files, create and delete playlists, personalize your settings, plus much more.

Digital Cameras & Camcorders

Get the tech assistance you need to set up your digital camera to take quality pictures, record videos, upload and share your photos and video and more with GADDIS Home Office tech support.